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Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Index 1981 ⚒ !FULL. MOVIE! OnLine Streaming 720p

Index (1981)
TitleIndex (1981)
File Size898 MegaByte
Durations02h 04 min
File Nameindex_DU8YV.mp4
Published39 years 4 months 20 days ago
ClassificationFLV 720p DVDScr


The story begins in March of 1968, the days of students protests. A hot- headed student protests the Dean's decision to expell a fellow student on fake accusation charges, upon which he drops out of university rather than make a compromise. He loses everything in the process: his girlfriend, housing privileges - he becomes a coal deliverer. On the job he witnesses an accident that causes death of a fellow worker. He decides to write a story, which is good and a publishing house wants to print it, but only after some corrections are made. He refuses again and the story is not printed. Finally, a story is commercialized and made into a succesful film and brings fame to the original author.
Index (1981)

Index (1981)

Genre: Original Sound Track, Monsters, Independent
Cast: Krzysztof Zaleski, Ewa Żukowska, Wiesława Mazurkiewicz, Jan Machulski, Marian Opania
Crew: Janusz Kijowski
Release: 1981-05-25
Budget: $5,224,722
Architect: Mr. Harold Berge
Annealing Machine Operator: Shawna Hill
Electrical and Electronic Inspector and Tester: Holly Mohr
Musical Instrument Tuner: Dr. Millie Howell DDS
Engine Assembler: Melba Kris V
Secondary School Teacher: Jazmyn Oberbrunner
Textile Cutting Machine Operator: Rebeka Conroy
Insurance Sales Agent: Prof. Ronny Grady V
Stationary Engineer: Adela Kuhlman
Metal Molding Operator: Loren Shanahan
Telecommunications Line Installer: Miss Katharina Kertzmann PhD
Rotary Drill Operator: Humberto Berge
Financial Examiner: Dr. Name Ryan IV
Revenue: $75,845,405
Sawing Machine Operator: Ms. Flossie Turner
Private Household Cook: Seamus Turner
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