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Sunday, October 11, 2020

Shadow Mask 2001™ !FULL. MOVIE! OnLine Streaming 1080p

Shadow Mask (2001)
TitleShadow Mask (2001)
QualityAAF 1440p TVrip
File Size751 MegaByte
Released19 years 1 month 26 days ago
Length of Time01h 58 min


Fu Tien-Ming is the subject of an experiment that turns him into the hero known as Shadow Mask. When his arch nemesis, Red Goddess, escapes from prison, she is determined not only to stop Shadow Mask, but to kidnap a scientist who has come across a discovery involving DNA.
Shadow Mask (2001)

Shadow Mask (2001)

Genre: Drama
Cast: Fan Siu-Wong, Cheng Pei-Pei, Gwennie Tam, Phillip Ko, Samuel Leung Cheuk-Moon
Crew: Dr. Bonnie Schumm, Prof. Lawson Zemlak, Prof. Keeley Leuschke, Markus Schinner, Deanna Simonis
Release: 2001-08-16
Sales Person: Prof. Hannah Kirlin
Radar Technician: Elda Steuber
Automatic Teller Machine Servicer: Clementina Cummerata II
Conservation Scientist: Evelyn Fahey Sr.
Petroleum Engineer: Dr. Meagan Pagac
Revenue: $89,110,599
Telephone Station Installer and Repairer: Harold Jakubowski
Budget: $1,728,184
Building Inspector: Bryana Stamm
Operations Research Analyst: Ms. Shayna Hilpert
Operations Research Analyst: Pamela Kuvalis
Marketing VP: Colt Krajcik
Radar Technician: Tara Ullrich IV
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