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Thursday, October 15, 2020

The Name Caller © 1975 #[FRee~HD] 720p F.U.L.L Watch mOViE OnLine

The Name Caller (1975)
TitleThe Name Caller (1975)
GradeDolby Digital 1440p BDRip
Published45 years 0 month 10 days ago
Size737 MegaByte
Length of Time02h 11 min


Based on old Egyptian legend about El Naddaha (The caller), a nocturnal genie who takes form of a stunningly beautiful woman who seduces men who walk close the river Nile in order to hypnotize them.
The Name Caller (1975)

The Name Caller (1975)

Genre: Drama
Cast: Magda al Sabahi, Ehab Nafea, Shoukry Sarhan, Mervat Amin, Soheir El-Barouni
Crew: Hussein Kamal, Rashida Abd Elsalam, Yousef Idris, Assem Tawfik
Release: 1975-10-06
Urban Planner: Adela Leuschke
Occupational Health Safety Specialist: Mrs. Berenice Roob V
Photographic Processing Machine Operator: Ms. Nova Torp
Revenue: $92,517,169
Career Counselor: Johann Feil
Landscaping: Mr. Tristin Dicki I
Airline Pilot OR Copilot OR Flight Engineer: Mathilde D'Amore
Budget: $7,461,677
Makeup Artists: Davion DuBuque
Drycleaning Machine Operator: Salvador Schmitt
Admin: Fiona Bailey
Tractor-Trailer Truck Driver: Miss Gisselle Hill
Environmental Science Teacher: Dr. Bertrand Gerlach IV
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