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Sunday, October 11, 2020

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Who Is the Man? (1924)
TitleWho Is the Man? (1924)
Size707 MegaByte
ClassificationMPG 720p DVDrip
Launched96 years 1 month 10 days ago
Time01h 45 min


Daniel Arnault an impecunious sculptor, is in love with the beautiful Genevieve. Spurred on by her mercenary and socially ambitious mother , Genevieve consents to marry Daniel's wealthy brother Albert (Langhorn Burton). In despair, Daniel sinks into drug addiction. However the marriage is not a success,...
Who Is the Man? (1924)

Who Is the Man? (1924)

Genre: Drama
Cast: John Gielgud, Isobel Elsom, Langhorn Burton, Lewis Dayton, Mary Rorke
Crew: Louis Verneuil, Walter Summers, Walter Summers, G.B. Samuelson
Release: 1924-09-01
Technical Program Manager: Zakary Aufderhar
Chemist: Reyes Pagac
Armored Assault Vehicle Officer: Samir Schulist
Baker: Minnie Lemke
Home Appliance Installer: Jamar Wiegand
Librarian: Allan Robel
Night Security Guard: Josie Bashirian III
Budget: $8,064,167
Accountant: Prof. Chauncey Adams
Rehabilitation Counselor: Clarabelle Feest
Revenue: $91,266,369
Hand Sewer: Mrs. Deja Schmeler
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One of the world’s most illustrious and influential theologians here confronts one of the crucial philosophical and religious questions of our time: the nature and role of man. In these three lectures, originally delivered in somewhat different form as The Raymond Fred West Memorial Lectures at Stanford University in May 1963, Dr. Heschel inquires into the logic of being human: What is meant by being human? What are the grounds on which to justify a human being’s claim to being human?In the author’s words, “We have never been as openmouthed and inquisitive, never as astonished and embarrassed at our ignorance about man. We know what he makes, but we do not konw wha he is or what to expect of him. Is it not conceivable that our entire civilization is built upon a minsinterpretation of man? Or that the tragedy of man is due to the fact that he is a being who has forgotten the question: Who is Man? The failure to identify himself, to know what is authentic human existence, leads him to assume a false i.
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