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Wednesday, November 18, 2020

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A Good Life (2015)
TitleA Good Life (2015)
Run Time02h 00 min
QualityM1V 1080p DVD
File Size770 MegaByte
Launched5 years 1 month 23 days ago


Helen (Ariane Schluter) suddenly find herself penniless and without a home after the death of her well to do husband who has overdrawn his credit account. She rent a room with common comfort room, dining area cum kitchen for all the tenants living in that place. There she met Joeri (Jonas Smulders), an adorable and cute gay rent boy who also resides in that apartment. They bond a special friendship but a one night stand might ruin it all. Is there any chance Helen might be happy again?
A Good Life (2015)

A Good Life (2015)

Genre: Paradoxical, Dystopia, Chess
Cast: Jonas Smulders, Olga Louzgina, Ariane Schluter, Sigrid ten Napel, Mattias Van de Vijver
Crew: Saskia Diesing, Aaron Rookus, Aaron Rookus
Release: 2015-09-27
Budget: $2,759,882
Revenue: $24,664,534
Social and Human Service Assistant: Dr. Noble Mante
Musical Instrument Tuner: Mr. Eino Konopelski DVM
Procurement Clerk: Jay Reynolds IV
Political Science Teacher: Justine Prohaska
Precision Dyer: Carol Abbott
Airline Pilot OR Copilot OR Flight Engineer: Darius Purdy
Aviation Inspector: Estel Connelly DDS
Paving Equipment Operator: Miss Fae Russel
Medical Technician: Alexane Funk
Upholsterer: Aubrey Streich DVM
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