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Monday, November 16, 2020

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Smoking Room (2002)
TitleSmoking Room (2002)
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Time02h 20 min
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The Spanish branch of an American company is obliged to enforce the ban on smoking in their offices. From now on, those who want to smoke during working hours must do so in the street. Ramirez, one of the employees of this small office composed mainly of men, decides to begin collecting signatures against what he considers unfair. What Ramirez intends is to be use an unoccupied office as smoking room
Smoking Room (2002)

Smoking Room (2002)

Genre: Drama, Comedy
Cast: Eduard Fernández, Antonio Dechent, Francesc Garrido, Francesc Orella, Juan Diego
Crew: Julio D. Wallovits, Cobi Migliora, Roger Gual
Release: 2002-04-27
Budget: $6,116,375
Revenue: $75,784,744
Emergency Management Specialist: Dr. Velva Tremblay I
Sys Admin: Stewart Hermiston
Social Sciences Teacher: Prof. Dorthy Jenkins
Night Shift: Dr. Ruthie Brakus
Copy Writer: Ms. Luz Gislason DDS
Mechanical Drafter: Cheyenne Collins
Medical Technician: Freda Stiedemann
Mechanical Door Repairer: Felicity VonRueden
Personal Trainer: Wilhelmine Toy
Health Technologist: Prof. August Schuster V
Human Resources Assistant: Martin Kemmer
Media and Communication Worker: Ted Legros
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Are you thinking of designing a smoking haven in your house or apartment where you can retreat to after a long day? Not only can a personalized smoking room be helpful in reducing the exposure of smells and smoke throughout the rest of your living space but creating your very own smoking sanctuary can also add character and a high-ly unique style to your residence (see what we did there?) Plus, you get your own personal space to dedicate to an activity that brings you joy -- you get an extra thumbs up from Marie Kondo for that. While brainstorming
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