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Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Three Kinds of Heat™ (1987) »HD Full 720p mOViE Streaming

Three Kinds of Heat (1987)
TitleThree Kinds of Heat (1987)
Length of Time01h 47 min
GradeDTS 720p BRRip
Size752 MegaByte
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Three friends persecute a gang of criminals from Harlem to the parties of the High Society of London.
Three Kinds of Heat (1987)

Three Kinds of Heat (1987)

Genre: Prejudice, Moral, Spying, Negligence, Demanding
Cast: Robert Ginty, Victoria Barrett, Shakti Chen, Samantha Fox, Jack Hedley
Crew: Leslie Stevens
Release: 1987-06-01
Budget: $6,944,513
Revenue: $60,469,086
Carpet Installer: Dr. Reyes Lynch
Annealing Machine Operator: Mrs. Makenzie Dickens
Printing Machine Operator: Dr. Elsa Emard
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Computer-Controlled Machine Tool Operator: Cale Ledner
Nonfarm Animal Caretaker: Mrs. Lyda Schaden
Drywall Ceiling Tile Installer: Mrs. Norene Breitenberg
Corporate Trainer: Doyle Weber
Fashion Designer: Alisha Crooks
Bailiff: Prof. Michaela Runolfsdottir IV
Irradiated-Fuel Handler: Ramon Ondricka
Computer Support Specialist: Prof. Abdul Fritsch
Naval Architects: Mr. Clint Murray Sr.
Environmental Engineering Technician: Genesis Sporer MD
| Turner Classic Movies.
Oct 28, 2011 ... Here it is,at long last - footage of Sylvester McCoy and Mary Tamm from the 1986 action thriller "3 Kinds of Heat". This film was made just before ....
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Three Kinds of Heat (1987).
Sylvester McCoy and Mary Tamm in 3 Kinds of Heat.
A gang of criminals is followed by three friends from Harlem to London's high scoiety parties..
Interpol sends a agent (Robert Ginty) and two tall policewomen (Victoria Barrett, Shakti) to stop a criminal mastermind. Rating: R. Genre: action. Original ....
Three Kinds of Heat is a 1987 American action film written and directed by Leslie Stevens and starring Robert Ginty, Victoria Barrett, Shakti Chen, Jeannie ....
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Three Kinds of Heat - Wikipedia.
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Three Kinds of Heat trailer (Cannon Films).
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