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Wednesday, March 10, 2021

The Eve of Ivan Kupalo 1968 ⚒ !(W.A.T.C.H) oNlInE!. ©1080p! fUlL MOVIE

The Eve of Ivan Kupalo (1968)
TitleThe Eve of Ivan Kupalo (1968)
Published52 years 2 months 24 days ago
QualityDTS 1080p HDTV
File Size866 MB
File Namethe-eve-of-ivan-kupalo_fcIyE.mkv
Length of Time01h 52 min


Petro is a modest farmhand living in an impoverished village in some unspecified long-ago era. He wants to marry the lovely Pidorka, but her stern father won't hear of it. The mischievous demon Basavriuk, offers a deal, enticing Petro into crime for the sake of fortune. Based on Nikolai Gogol’s short story “The Eve of Ivan Kupala” (“St John’s Eve”) and Ukrainian folk tales.
The Eve of Ivan Kupalo (1968)

The Eve of Ivan Kupalo (1968)

Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Mystery
Cast: Larisa Kadochnikova, Boris Khmelnitsky, Yefim Fridman, Dmitri Franko, Borislav Brondukov
Crew: Yuri Ilyenko, Yuri Ilyenko, Nikolai Gogol, Georgi Djulgerov, Vadim Ilyenko
Release: 1968-12-25
Budget: $4,780,560
Revenue: $46,888,465
Chiropractor: Edyth Prosacco
Chemistry Teacher: Monserrat Harber
Numerical Tool Programmer OR Process Control Programmer: Desiree Sanford
Logging Worker: Mr. Jaron Sporer
Sales Representative: Sheila Kuphal Sr.
Medical Secretary: Pierce Schowalter
Human Resources Manager: Macy Donnelly DDS
Printing Machine Operator: Shanelle Schmitt
Bridge Tender OR Lock Tender: Prof. Elbert Mante
Municipal Court Clerk: Nyasia Heidenreich
Electrical Sales Representative: Meredith Altenwerth V
There is an ancient Kupala belief that the eve of Ivan Kupala is the only time of the year when ferns bloom Prosperity luck discernment and power befall whom ever finds a fern flower Therefore on that night village folk roam through the forests in search of magical herbs and especially the elusive fern flower.
Christmas Eve Twelve days of Christmas Epiphany Ivan Kupala Even in the time of the ancient pagan deity Ancient Russians used to have Kupalo the God of summer fertility In his honor people of sang songs and jumped over the bonfire This ritual act has become an annual celebration of summer solstice combining a pagan and Christian
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