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Friday, March 5, 2021

Totally Baked 2007 ~FULL.HD!>1440p Watch »OnLine.mOViE

Totally Baked (2007)
TitleTotally Baked (2007)
Published13 years 10 months 13 days ago
Size951 MB
QualityDAT 1440p HDRip
Durations01h 48 min
File Nametotally-baked_4KzkP.mkv


Meet Dave Bertman, a tightly wound 37 year-old father of one. Bertman's "higher" education begins when medical marijuana activists wielding "loaded" weapons interrupt a planned reunion barbecue with college debate chums. When his teenage daughter Gina Marie unexpectedly arrives with a joint found in her pocket, Bertman assumes the worst. Only after he faces his own hypocrisies, can he have the open and honest discussion needed for father and daughter to understand each other and reconnect.
Totally Baked (2007)

Totally Baked (2007)

Genre: Comedy
Cast: John Oates, Thomas Lyons, Craig Shoemaker, Heather Sossaman, Chris Dollard
Crew: Jeffery Passero, Orin Woinsky, Marc Bowen, Craig Shoemaker, Craig Shoemaker
Release: 2007-04-20
Budget: $7,745,833
Revenue: $46,047,355
Production Worker: Louisa Hoeger
Occupational Health Safety Specialist: Angel Koch
Office Machine Operator: Mrs. Evalyn Lemke
Pile-Driver Operator: Dr. Freddy McKenzie
Landscape Architect: Celestine Kub
Information Systems Manager: Ella Daniel IV
Human Resources Assistant: Jannie Osinski
Geological Sample Test Technician: Prof. Julian Blick
Grounds Maintenance Worker: George Macejkovic I
Audio and Video Equipment Technician: Dr. Yasmeen Okuneva Sr.
Farm Equipment Mechanic: Myles Mills
Electronic Equipment Assembler: Jessyca Schultz
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