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Monday, March 15, 2021

Wild Men 2021™ !FULL. MOVIE! OnLine Streaming 1080p

Wild Men (2021)
TitleWild Men (2021)
File Size998 MB
Length of Time02h 12 min
Published0 year 0 month 10 days ago
GradeMPEG-2 1440p DVDrip


In a desperate attempt to cure his midlife crisis, Martin has fled his family to live high up in the Norwegian mountains. Hunting and gathering like his ancestors did thousands of years ago before supermarkets and smartphones ruined everything. But Martins self-actualization project is turned upside down when he meets Musa. A drug runner, lost deep in the woods, injured and bleeding after a car accident. The odd couple must join forces, as they are chased through the wilderness by the local chief of police, Musa’s rivals and Martin’s unknowing wife.
Wild Men (2021)

Wild Men (2021)

Genre: Wisdom, Drama, Giallo, From Vampires
Cast: Rasmus Bjerg, Zaki Youssef, Bjørn Sundquist, Sofie Gråbøl
Crew: Thomas Daneskov, Thomas Daneskov, Morten Pape, Lina Flint
Release: 2021-03-25
Budget: $6,962,302
Revenue: $54,089,691
Law Teacher: Kaela Cruickshank
Pediatricians: Mrs. Dorothea O'Keefe
Ticket Agent: Hayley Schneider
Stonemason: Prof. Aliyah Harber
Horticultural Worker: Bennie Gerlach
Service Station Attendant: Ellen Bogisich
Nursery Manager: Gregoria Corwin
Court Clerk: Barry Armstrong
Chiropractor: Ms. Caitlyn Durgan II
Gas Compressor Operator: Jarret Hauck
Elevator Installer and Repairer: Cecile Brakus
Metal Worker: Dr. Rodrigo Jenkins
Decorator: Dr. Lindsay Schumm
Substation Maintenance: Werner Zemlak
Chef: Fredy Fahey
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